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    Hello to All,

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  • WEBSITE PROMOTION/Guarantee Google 1st rankings


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  • How do I get my website on search engines quickly?

    How to rank on search engines fast!

    Welcome all and thanks for visiting we have an Very important topic as you can see and it's worth learning. Some people simply rather optimize their own websites rather than hiring some one to do the job and quite frankly, it's nothing wrong with that. On another note it takes expertise to execute correctly and to not burn up resources, so any tip you may pick up just be sure it's official.

    How to get your website ranked quickly I'm about to tell you valuable info that will help you on your quest to webmaster hood.

    #1, Match up your page content with your meta tags title and description; Some people fail to realize how important this is. This is how you will get the search engine attention and they have to all be set up perfectly.

    #2, For get how many backlinks think strong links; Having a domain that's 7 years or older rank well and are trusted with search engines. When they link to your site it's like recommendation and search engines will approve quickly. To many weak backlinks will cause Google bot TxT to restrict them and that will be hard work for nothing. Start you a web log and link to official websites.

    #3,Proper keyword choosing; This is your icing on the cake and should be taking very seriously indeed. First go to Google keywords and see what's the best key words for your site. This will tell you how many people search for and how competitive the keywords are. Remember when choosing keyword you can't pick out your league, you won't stand a chance going up against well establish websites that have over 10 years distributing great products or service. If any person or company tell you they can do not listen to them it's next to impossible. Instead choose one's not so tough. They may not have many searchers monthly but it gives your site time to get ready.

    And for the tough keywords you want badly just choose around them. For example, Say if you're selling "handbags" putting just handbags in your title line will be extra beginnerish and a waste of time. It's probable close to 300 million results competing for that leaving you invisable. Instead shoot for some thing like, exotic handbags & purses/ or cheap exotic bags for women. This will allow your page to show up when these keywords are triggered.

    That's pretty much it, follow these and you'll be ranking in 2 weeks for great keywords bringing in traffic like crazy. Be sure to comment and leave info for readers, and don't forget to visit the rest of the site for great tips and info to help. Also for those who rather hire a company we want to annouce we are the cheapest company online and we're currently ranking more and more sites every single day. Email us today to have your website analyzed for free and choosen keywords to help you.

    Pay To Rank inc,



  • Best/Top Things to do To SEO a website

    The proper way to have your website seen and get Traffic

    "Hello to all and thanks for reading,

    My web name is paytorank, I also operate and manage an online company called (Pay To Rank) just to assure you that this topic is perfectly legit and that I truely understand SEO work.

    The reason why I'm posting this is because I speak to a lot of Linkreferral members that's having trouble ranking their websites. I even spoken to a few that actually paid companies to work on their websites, only to find out the company doesn't no what they're doing or just don't care.

    I've been doing SEO for over 8 years now so when I tell you some thing, it's legit!

    Top things to check for and ask when your hiring a so called SEO company.

    If they don't say any thing about on page optimization find some one else. It's almost impossible to have Google crawl your site if the on page optimization is done wrong or not done at all.

    If they didn't ask you for the keywords you wanted to trigger your site to show up in search engines find some one else.

    If they told you they could place your site on the first pages for any keyword you wanted find some one else, it's 100% impossible inless you work with good old Matt,(The guy who designs Google search engines)

    If they told you it could take up to 3 months to see results find some one else, Good websites I normally rank with in one week for great keywords.

    If they say they can get you 3000 backlinks find some one else, It's almost impossible. If you have a webmasters account you would no that Google TxT Bots restricts a lot of irrelevant backlinks causing you to lose them.

    These are just some of the top things to watch out for. If you need more free info please email me here I will be more than glad to help a fellow Linkreferral member. Also keep in mind that sites like linkreferral, Member playing their part are improving their search engining ranking already. They give you strong dofollow back links when you review sites and make comments, trust me! It's great having sites like Linkreferral and Pay To Rank, so always take care of websites that take care of you. That's one way you RANK HIGH IN GOOGLE."




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